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n. (plural of token English)

Usage examples of "tokens".

She realized that there could be a good many summons tokens in the bag, and it might take time to use them all up, so she had better get them efficiently organized.

Prospective Jurors stood in turn, lifting their summons tokens and speaking their names, and the golem counted them off.

She had served seven Trial Personnel tokens, seventeen Juror tokens, and five Witness tokens.

At least we get to keep our summons tokens as souvenirs, though I guess no one would believe us if we ever told the truth about them.

He reflected it was too bad the chancellor had had the bed repainted, for any traces of card-invoking tokens would be obliterated.

And one by one, I sorted the cards in my mind and somehow puzzled out the tokens for each.

I guess I knew the tokens all along from hearing Rayner talk about them.

Yea, even if the Sage of Swevenham be dead or gone hence, yet have I tokens to find the Rock of the Fighting Man, and the way through the mountains, though I say not but that he may make it all clearer.

So they were glad that they had escaped from that strait prison betwixt the rock-walls, and were well at ease: and they failed never to find the tokens that led them on the way, even as they had learned of the Sage, so that they were not beguiled into any straying.

I fear me by certain tokens that it is not all so certain that I have not been spied upon already, and that it is known that I have come to thee.

Your backs were not turned on the walls of the Burg an hour, ere three of my riders brought in to me a man who said, and gave me tokens of his word being true, that he had fallen in with a company of the old Burgers in the Wood Debateable, which belike thou wottest of.

Clement did him to wit that there had come in a carle from out of Upmeads, who had told them by sure tokens that the foe were come into the Upmeads-land at noon that day, and between then and sunset had skirmished with Nicholas and them that were holding the High House, but had gotten nought thereby.

Amaury Trente made a pretty presentation of the tokens they had brought: a chest of lead, brooches and arm rings of intricate gold knot-work, and cleverest of all, potted seedlings of native Alban flora, for the Pharaohs of Menekhet were long known to be eager for exotic botany.

If you have talismans or tokens that will signify the protection of Ahura Mazda, I want those, too.

Before he had been called to other duties, Derian had changed the Kestrel tokens he and Firekeeper possessed into local marks, thereby muddying the trail should any wonder why Lady Elise had spent such a great sum.