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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Toise \Toise\ (toiz), n. [F., fr. LL. tesa, fr. L. tensus, fem. tensa, p. p. of tendere to stretch, extend. See Tense, a.] An old measure of length in France, containing six French feet, or about 6.3946 French feet.


n. a former French unit of length, corresponding to about 1.949 metres


A toise (; symbol: T) is a unit of measure for length, area and volume originating in pre-revolutionary France. In North America, it was used in colonial French establishments in early New France, French Louisiana (Louisiane), and Quebec. The related toesa was used in Portugal, Brazil and other parts of the Portuguese Empire until the adoption of the Metric system.

Usage examples of "toise".

This rapid descent greatly amused us, and we were only stopped by the mud which succeeded the snow at the distance of five or six hundred toises down the declivity.

They had not gone a hundred toises from the shore when they were perceived by the custom-house officers, who set out in pursuit of them, and brought them back again.

It was a very magnificent structure, its length being 2529 toises, exclusive of the lines of junction, formed on the two islands.

The maddened horse gained twenty toises, and came up within pistol-shot of Fouquet.

The grotto extended the space of about a hundred toises, to that little slope dominating a creek.