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Usage examples of "tois".

The soles of her boots rose up at right angles to the ground, converging slightly at the toes, and in front of them smoldered a fire of potato plants, flaring up asthmatically from time to time, sending a queasy film of smoke out over the scarcely inclined crust of the earth.

She stood up and with her bare toes pushed aside the skirt whose potato color had lost the most bloom.

She sighed and shuffled back, turning to face him, digging stockinged toes into the springy carpet.

I can about feel Richard bouncing on his toes in the back of my wetware.

She crossed it with weird, balletic grace, stuttering on her toes, white sneakers like ballet slippers, hands held out, hair streaming behind her, jeans, a faded blue shirt.

The mud oozed between my toes when I got out, the rocks killed my tender feet, and there were crawdads, snakes, and God knows what else in there.

Ears, toes, finger-tips, were of course numb, but not more so than they had often been at night in his loggia.

She had better pull herself together and very smartly, since Emily was due momentarily, and everyone had to be on their toes when the volatile, whirlwind Emily was around.

But what Boba Fett can't do nowno one would be able tois bring Slave I to a halt before it crashes into your web.