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n. (plural of toil English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: toil)

Usage examples of "toils".

I have escaped the Trojan toils, I have escaped the sea, and now I fall Under the cruel grasp of one impious man.

Aeacus, is it well for us to give up our toils and linger on in a strange land?

Then, though Hephaestus had ceased from his toils, the sea was still sending up a warm vapour.

Such we have been for the last three or four years, during most of which time we have been together, sharing the same toils or privations, transient successes or protracted misfortunes.

Another and yet another speaker sprang forward and addressed the crowd, both representative miners, and men who had shared the experiences, the toils, and the burdens of those whom they addressed.

Oxley, scene of so many toils and troubles, failures and life-wrecks, triumphs and successes, was reached in safety.

Then it became incumbent upon him to show her tie toils of the red ants.

Men who had been confined to cities, chained to dull and humdrum toils, stagnating in the noisy haunts, sore and sick and deflated, standing for some impossible end, when let loose in the grey, iron-walled barrens of the desert were caught by a subtle and insidious enchantment that transfigured some, made beasts of most, and mysteriously bound all.

All human offences, the whole system of dishonesty, evasion, circumventing, forbidden indulgence, and intriguing ambition, in which men are struggling with each other, will be looked upon by a thoughtful Mason, not merely as a scene of mean toils and strifes, but as the solemn conflicts of immortal minds, for ends vast and momentous as their own being.

The highest intellectual cultivation is perfectly compatible with the daily cares and toils of working-men.

They may be religious in all the toils and in all the amusements of life.

State, and many-handed labor that toils in workshop, field, and study, beneath its mild and beneficent sway.

And man, through the dust and the mire, toils onward, as toils the dull bullock, Unreasoning, brutish, and blind, With Ashtaroth, Mammon, and Moloch In front, and Alecto behind.

I entered into the toils and objects of my race with a seeming avidity more eager and engrossing than their own.

Genius, has now been made, by the very toils of the first mariners, but an easy and commonplace voyage of leisure.