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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Toilet \Toi"let\, n. [F. toilette, dim. of toile cloth. See Toil a net.]

  1. A covering of linen, silk, or tapestry, spread over a table in a chamber or a dressing room.

  2. A dressing table.

  3. Act or mode of dressing, or that which is arranged in dressing; attire; dress; as, her toilet is perfect.

    Toilet glass, a looking-glass for a toilet table or for a dressing room.

    Toilet service, Toilet set, earthenware, glass, and other utensils for a dressing room.

    Toilet table, a dressing table; a toilet. See def. 2 above.

    To snake one's toilet, to dress one's self; especially, to dress one's self carefully.


n. 1 (context archaic English) A dressing table, typically covered to the floor with cloth (originally, toile) and lace, on which stood a mirror, which might also be draped in lace. 2 (alternative spelling of toilet English)


n. the act of dressing and preparing yourself; "he made his morning toilet and went to breakfast" [syn: toilet]


Usage examples of "toilette".

Ordering Elizabeth to dress for visiting, she had summoned the landau, taken some care over her toilette, and arrived at The Forks in time for afternoon tea and, she hoped, some comforting apoplexy.

Upstairs in her room at The Forks, she took great care about her toilette, and came down to the veranda in a demure dress of palest yellow, offset with little bows of apple green.

I went home and made an elaborate toilette, and on arriving at the ball I found Agatha dancing with Lord Percy, a young fool, who was the son of the Duke of Northumberland, and an extravagant spendthrift.

I shut up Zenobia in the room where the ladies were to make their toilette, and at five minutes past seven the joyous company arrived.

She had at once a wonderful taste for gallantry and for all the mysteries of the toilette.

I slept for eight hours in a most comfortable bed, and when I was dressed Lucrezia took me to breakfast with the marchioness, who was at her toilette.

When my hair was done I made an elaborate toilette, and burning with impatience we set out on foot, as I was afraid we should not secure a good place if we waited till the carriage was ready.

I agreed to do so, and the blind musicians were sent for, and while they tuned their instruments toilettes were made, and the orgy began.

On awakening that morning she had made a real Sunday toilette: her superb hair was caught up in a huge chignon which disclosed the whiteness of her neck, and she wore a white flannel lace-trimmed dressing-jacket, which allowed but a little of her bare arms to be seen.

She is where the Frenchmen in their make-believe chateaux, perfum'd, intricately bewigg'd, stop all day at their toilettes, safe from the cold consensus that ignores dream in its Reckonings, France, French agents of Death, at the worst of the fight between the Seahorse and l'Grand, in all that tearful fall from humanity, his Bowels seconds away from letting go, there had wrapp'd 'round him the certainty that whatever was come for him now, had also come for her then, not in the way of a Bailiff or Assassin, at all selective, but rather as a Dredge, a Scavenger, foraging blind, unto which Mason sens'd himself about to be gather'd, as mindlessly as any seaman above-decks, forever to him nameless.

I found her in the hands of her pretty chambermaid, and she advised me to go to Redegonde's dressing-room, as she played a man's part, and might, perhaps, allow me to assist in her toilette.

After a careful toilette I went to supper, and found an assembly of a hundred of the very best people in Naples.

I cooled myself by making a toilette which was extremely necessary, and returned to her room.

She made a careful toilette, looking very well for a traveller, and at noon my lord's carriage came to fetch us.

When her toilette was finished I surveyed her from head to foot, and pronounced her to be a perfect man, with the exception of one blemish.