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TogliattiAzot is a Russian chemical company, that has been described as the world's largest ammonia producer. It is headquartered in Tolyatti, Russia.

The main ammonia plant in Tolyatti was constructed as a joint project of the Soviet government and Armand Hammer and started operation in 1979. The Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline, the longest ammonia pipeline in the world, is operated by Transammiak. A marine ammonia terminal is under construction at Port Taman near Taman, Russia.

Following the severe financial difficulties experienced during the past 10 years by the city’s other major employer, AvtoVAZ; TogliattiAzot has been responsible for providing most of the services and social programs to Tolyatti, a city of 720,000 inhabitants.

In 2011, TogliattiAzot contributed more than 3 billion rubles (US$100 million) in taxes to the economy and according to Russian newspaper RBC Daily, was awarded the “Best Taxpayer” award.

TogliattiAzot is one of the largest taxpayers in the Samara region.

In 2015 Togliattiazot was ranked in 181st place on "Expert 400", Expert magazine's annual list of the largest Russian companies, and in 188th place on RBC magazine's "500 largest companies of Russia" list.