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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Toga \To"ga\, n.; pl. E. Togas, L. Tog[ae]. [L., akin to tegere to cover. See Thatch.] (Rom. Antiq.) The loose outer garment worn by the ancient Romans, consisting of a single broad piece of woolen cloth of a shape approaching a semicircle. It was of undyed wool, except the border of the toga pr[ae]texta.

Toga pr[ae]texta. [L.], a toga with a broad purple border, worn by children of both sexes, by magistrates, and by persons engaged in sacred rites.

Toga virilis [L.], the manly gown; the common toga. This was assumed by Roman boys about the time of completing their fourteenth year.


alt. (plural of toga English) n. (plural of toga English)

Usage examples of "togas".

Around this vision pool, sitting in stone thrones and lounging on plush couches and standing in their cartoonlike togas, are the gods.

But what the hell does that have to do with gods in togas and flying chariots?

Mahnmut slipped out between the bronzed legs and white togas and began retracing his way through the labyrinth of corridors.

None of us wore togas, so Paccius, who had arrived formally dressed for some reason, felt obliged swiftly to shed his.

Sitting at ease with morning refreshments on a napkin-laid tray and with their togas bunched over their shoulders ready for that day in court, they just hid their ruthlessness better than I did.

Others came drifting in behind her, and a couple wearing red togas were necessarily senators.

They felt like costumes for a masquerade ball—probably because, like togas, they were garments normally seen only on statues or in historical lithographs.

They were an ill-assorted couple, both clad in togas, one white, one red.