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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Toga virilis

Toga \To"ga\, n.; pl. E. Togas, L. Tog[ae]. [L., akin to tegere to cover. See Thatch.] (Rom. Antiq.) The loose outer garment worn by the ancient Romans, consisting of a single broad piece of woolen cloth of a shape approaching a semicircle. It was of undyed wool, except the border of the toga pr[ae]texta.

Toga pr[ae]texta. [L.], a toga with a broad purple border, worn by children of both sexes, by magistrates, and by persons engaged in sacred rites.

Toga virilis [L.], the manly gown; the common toga. This was assumed by Roman boys about the time of completing their fourteenth year.

toga virilis

n. (ancient Rome) a toga worn by a youth as a symbol of manhood and citizenship

Usage examples of "toga virilis".

Wrapped in an unfamiliar toga virilis, he stood beside his grandsire to watch his father march away.

He sought to create this impression on men's minds from the beginning, from the day when he assumed the toga virilis, for he never undertook any important business, either public or private, without first going to the Capitol, where he sat for some time in the temple in privacy and alone.

Four of our sons wear the toga virilis, two the praetexta, and both the daughters are married.