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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tofore \To*fore"\, Toforn \To*forn"\, prep. & adv. [AS. t[=o]foran. See To, prep., Fore.] Before. [Obs.]

Toforn him goeth the loud minstrelsy.

Would thou wert as thou tofore hast been!


adv. (context obsolete English) before. conj. (context obsolete English) before. prep. (context obsolete English) before.

Usage examples of "tofore".

And as for the thre Jewes whyche also were tofore thyncarnacyon of our Lord, of whome the fyrst was Duc Josue, whyche brought the chyldren of Israhel into the londe of beheste.

As for the paynyms, they were tofore the Incarnacyon of Cryst whiche were named, the fyrst Hector of Troye.