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n. (alternative form of tophi English)


The term TOFI, “thin-outside-fat-inside” is used to describe lean individuals with a disproportionate amount of fat ( adipose tissue) stored within their abdomen. The figure to illustrate this shows two men, both aged 35 years, with a BMI of 25 kg/m. Despite their similar size, the TOFI had 5.86 litres of internal fat, whilst the healthy control had only 1.65 litres.

Subjects defined as TOFI with body mass index (BMI) <25 kg/m have increased levels of many of the risk factors associated with the metabolic syndrome. This phenotype is a further refinement of the “metabolically-obese but normal-weight” (MONW).

Subjects defined as TOFI have been described as being at higher risk of developing insulin resistance and type II diabetes due to the fact that they have reduced physical activity/ VOmax, reduced insulin sensitivity and higher abdominal adiposity and a more atherogenic lipid profile. Another important characteristic observed in this cohort of subjects is elevated levels of liver fat.

Usage examples of "tofi".

My second son Landhi will have the next, Rom, my eldest, the third and Tofi, my youngest, can manage the fourth.

Marak had no mercy, no more than Tofi, who railed on the well-fed slaves, beating them when they lagged.

They ran screaming, with Tofi chasing them through the remnant of the storm.

They might have run for shelter in another tent and not been as lucky as the two who had reached Tofi, or they might simply have gotten turned around from the men they were trying to help.

Amid other pieces of good news, the boy Tofi thought he knew the way to Pori village, and recited the stars that guided them, Kop and Luta, which were clear and cold above them.

Even the slaves had begun to grudge their own deaths, and now they had names: Mogar was the one Tofi had beaten, the least agile, but the strongest.

The boy Tofi, who owned the beasts and the tents, was increasingly confident of their direction.

Since the storm, he had no shame left in that regard, only hung a robe for a curtain, and so he heard two of the three women did, with Tofi, and together they got along.

I would be Tofi, with a good number of beasts and tents, and the whole desert in front of me.

They had three days to go before the village, so Tofi thought, and the concern they had lest they miss their trail, at least, was done.

But the stale remnant of sweet water in their skins would last long enough, so Tofi said, by all he knew: this well was the marker, and the village was indeed that close.

And Tofi, once he heard, bought bracelets each for his women, for Maol and Jurid.

Even they, the madmen, danced, and the prostitute and the women with Tofi danced, while the antheiri hummed their notes and the drums thumped a rapid rhythm.

Marak said to Tofi, who was already out of countenance with the sudden departure, and with Malin, and the missing soldiers.

There was disaster about the whole day, and Tofi gave the order to the slaves to apportion out the packs and get them all moving.