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n. (plural of toe English)

Toes (Zac Brown Band song)

"Toes" is a song recorded by the Zac Brown Band, an American country music band. Lead singer Zac Brown and bass guitarist John Driskell Hopkins co-wrote the song with Shawn Mullins and Wyatt Durette. It is the third single from Zac Brown Band's 2008 major-label debut album The Foundation, as well as the third top ten country hit and second number one for the band.

Toes (Lights song)

"Toes" is the a song recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Lights for her second studio album, Siberia. The song made its radio premiere on 104.5 CHUM-FM on August 5, 2011 and was released digitally on August 16, 2011 as the official lead single for the album. It debuted and peaked at number 62 on the Canadian Hot 100.

Usage examples of "toes".

Cotton-Tails, one named Snubby Nose, and one named Tippy Toes, suppose--just suppose they looked as much alike as two peas.

They pretended to look for Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes, though they knew they had gone away.

So Susan made cookies and Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes packed their little traveling bags and Bunny packed their lunches in the little baskets.

He lowered his green cotton umbrella and helped Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes up into the merry-go-round.

Snubby Nose and Tippy Toes, by Laura Rountree Smith This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

CHAPTER II Where do you suppose Tippy Toes was, and what do you suppose he was doing?

Tippy Toes went dancing merrily back and Papa Cotton-Tail waited for him.

So Tippy Toes went dancing merrily back and Papa Cotton-Tail waited for him again.

Little Tippy Toes did not get started on his journey that day, for it took four days and fourteen hours for them to decide what to send Bunny and Susan.

Then Tippy Toes made up the fire and washed the dishes and began to get things ready to cook for supper.

Tippy Toes sat down in front of the clock and began to count the hours until Mother Cotton-Tail would come home.

Mother Cotton-Tail began to make cookies and Tippy Toes rolled them out for her.

Tippy Toes put on his best coat and cap and kissed his mother good-bye.

Before Tippy Toes or Doctor Cotton-Tail could say a word, Grandpa Grumbles opened his green cotton umbrella and set Tippy Toes inside and carried him through the woods.

Then Tippy Toes stuffed his furry little paw into his mouth to keep from laughing out loud.