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Todor (, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and ) is a Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian given name, a local rendering of the name Theodore. The Hungarian form of the name is rendered similarly as Tódor.

As a form of the name Theodore, Todor also ultimately comes from the Greek Θεοδωρος (Theodoros), signifying "gift of god", from θεος (theos) "god" and δωρον (doron) "gift". Slavic equivalents bearing a similar meaning are Bozhidar and Bogdan. The name Todd is similar too but has different meaning.

The Bulgarian diminutives of Todor are Тошко (Toshko), Тошо (Tosho) and Тоше (Toshe) and the Macedonian diminutive is Тоше (Toše) and Тодорче (Todorče).