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n. (context used in conjunction with tick English) A clicking sound similar to one made by the hands of a clock. vb. To produce such a sound.


Tock (also known as Tuck in some English parts of Quebec) is a board game, similar to Ludo, Aggravation or Sorry!, in which players race their four tokens (or marbles) around the game board from start to finish—the objective being to be the first to take all of one's tokens "home". Like Sorry!, it is played with playing cards rather than dice.

Usage examples of "tock".

Tock was sprawled beside the fire emitting a loud reptilian snore, punctuated with occasional belches as he digested his dinner.

Sir Leopold McClin HBCA 1338 e l 2 and - tock, quoted in Willson, Life of B38 e l 2d.

To distinguish Tick from Tock, East Campus from West, Grand Tutor from goat, appearance from reality (or whatever contraries were involved in seeing through My Ladyship) -- all these tasks, like my sundry concomitant advisings, were but ways of saying, "Passage is Passage, Failure Failure: let none confuse them.

It brings together four San Cibola novelets and novellas for an amusing, and at times thoughtful, exploration of the interaction between humans and the "Neighbors,' the Tick Tock Men's term for mythical beings.

The ticks were all facing away from the portal and its keyhole, but tocks might face toward it.

Army Corps of Engineers, with a plan to build a dam at Tocks Island, very near where I was walking now.

Without them, the clocks had nothing but tocks and were useless, but with them they proceeded in a steady line of tick-tocks and kept good time.