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Tobey is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alton Tobey (1914–2005), American artist
  • Charles W. Tobey (1880–1953), American politician from New Hampshire; U.S. Senator 1939–53
  • David Tobey (1898–1988), American professional basketball referee
  • Edward Silas Tobey (1813–1891), American businessman, Postmaster of Boston, president of the American Missionary Association
  • Franklin W. Tobey (1844–1878), New York politician
  • John Williams Tobey, American politician
  • Kenneth Tobey (1917–2002), American stage, film, and television actor
  • Mark Tobey (1890–1976), American abstract expressionist painter
  • Paul Tobey (b. 1962), Canadian jazz pianist and composer
  • Ray Tobey (b. 1965), American computer and video game programmer
  • William H. Tobey (1799–1878), New York politician