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Also, before anything else, I must visit the Livorno municipio, to arrange a tober for tomorrow.

When they arrived at Empoli and Florian had visited the municipio, then directed the train to its allotted tober beyond the railroad yards, and the crew began the setup, everybody was still feeling constrained to only necessary remarks, questions and responses.

They clapped on their pileus caps and strode briskly off the tober, their cassocks and overcoats flapping.

Dai Goesle somewhere found and brought to the tober a master of plumbery, who had invented a privy closet that did not depend solely on a pit dug underneath it, but employed a zinc tank containing solvent chemicals.

Brunhilde and Kostchei were returning to the tober to work as on any ordinary day, but the new Madame Delattre was taking an extra day off to help Pierre pack everything he would be removing from his plumbery workshop and his chambers above it, out in the quartier Marais.

Yount got to the tober in plenty of time to don his leopard skin for the night show, but he looked so bereft that his fellow troupers rallied to cheer him up.

She snatched up the now slightly wilting birthday package, then all but snatched Monsieur Nadar off the tober and into a voiture, and they were gone.

May, Vassily Marchan drove onto the tober with a wagonful of fresh-faced, wide-eyed girls, his dancing ushers.

Goesle closed his gas valve to dim and kill the footlights, and the tober went totally dark.

Across the lake from their tober, where the cattle and sheep were pastured and guarded, the herdsmen rode about, separated out some two score of the fattest beeves, then drove them past the circus lot, out of the Bois and through the Place de la Muette, clearly heading for the markets at les Halles.

Christmas, Chefpublizist Willi returned from his advance run, to report that he had booked tobers in every appreciable community to the northeastward, clear to Regensburg, and had engaged a team to start posting paper in Freising, the first stop on the route.

Edge was at the tober in the Upper Park, the vast courtyard of lawns and ponds sheltered from the gulf wind by the bulk of the palace and its southward-extending wings at either end.

The Slovaks were sent all around Balaton to post paper proclaiming the event, and the tober overflowed with spectators that day.

Three days later, after dark, a hooped and canvas-covered wagon lumbered onto the tober and the same old man clambered down from the driver's seat.

Florian exulted, when the parade disbanded at the tober, and all the city folk who had trailed it there converged on the red wagon to clamor for tickets to the first show.