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n. A cotton garment worn in parts of northern Africa.


Tobe may refer to:

  • Tobe Hooper, an American horror film director.
  • Tobe Sexton, an American actor.
  • Tobe, Ehime, a town in Japan.

Usage examples of "tobe".

When Neal brought Tobe to her room, Kel was just donning the oiled canvas cloak and the broadbrimmed hat she used to keep off the rain.

If she was going to lead Tobe into battlelands, the least she could do was see him properly clothed.

Once Kel had shed the cloak, Tobe hung it from a peg, then knelt to remove her boots.

She took her nightshirt out of a saddlebag and finished changing once Tobe was on his pallet with his eyes hidden.

Kel used the day to finish supplying Tobe, making sure that what he had fitted properly.

And it did mean that she could outfit Tobe without emptying her purse, a venture Lalasa would approve.

Kel twitched Peachblossom off the road and into the woods, cutting Tobe off.

Satisfied that Tobe needed no help, she followed Neal into the wayhouse, Jump and the sparrows trailing behind.

The rest, including Kel, Neal and Tobe, turned north with fully half of the army that had left Corus.

Still, when Tobe started the next song, about the stag who met the Goddess as Maiden, Kel sang along.

Beyond it, in front of the other well, stood a two-storey headquarters that would serve as office and residence for her, Neal, Merric, Tobe and, for now, Duke Baird.

Only Tobe remained with Peachblossom and the packhorse assigned to Kel by the Crown.

Somehow her feet and legs carried her down the long rows of men and tables, past Tobe and Saefas to the open part of the hall.

Whatever she did, Tobe was somewhere close by, passing tools, helping as she lifted heavy objects, scrubbing, feeding animals.

When Tobe arrived, Kel turned the clerks over to him and led Numair into her office.