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n. (plural of toad English)

Usage examples of "toads".

I had an odd and disturbing mental picture of her in a circle of menacing red toads, while I, the one man in the universe now permanently immune, stayed as far away as possible.

Both insisted that I stay out of their lab and leave the crating of the Toxic Toads entirely to them.

Of course, I understood how important it was to get the toads to their destination alive and in good condition.

The few accounts I had read at home had concentrated on the toads and the work of Dr.

Or might they even have worked out some local method of dealing with the toads themselves?

Most of our luggage, including the carefully packed cages of toads, had gone ahead on a freight shuttle.

But it would be dreadful if we arrived on Thursday and all the toads were dead!

But as the toads hit the ground, they began to jump and hop and all in my direction!

And as I ran, with the toads right behind me, I heard the cackle of insane laughter from the old women.

All the time I knew that the toads were right behind us, a crimson wave of leaping, rushing horror.

I swung around to slam shut the postern gate, but the toads were coming in under it.

While a regular torrent of red Toxic Toads hopped through the open gate.

As I turned toward the stairway up which we had come, the first toads appeared.

My spirits rose and I told myself that any minor mishap, such as dropping a box of toads, would quickly be forgotten in view of this scientific triumph.

We have reared a large number of male toads and then made them sterile by radiation.