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The Collaborative International Dictionary
To have a colt's tooth

Colt \Colt\ (k[=o]lt; 110), n. [OE. colt a young horse, ass, or camel, AS. colt; cf. dial. Sw. kullt a boy, lad.]

  1. The young of the equine genus or horse kind of animals; -- sometimes distinctively applied to the male, filly being the female. Cf. Foal.

    Note: In sporting circles it is usual to reckon the age of colts from some arbitrary date, as from January 1, or May 1, next preceding the birth of the animal.

  2. A young, foolish fellow.

  3. A short knotted rope formerly used as an instrument of punishment in the navy.
    --Ham. Nav. Encyc.

    Colt's tooth, an imperfect or superfluous tooth in young horses.

    To cast one's colt's tooth, to cease from youthful wantonness. ``Your colt's tooth is not cast yet.''

    To have a colt's tooth, to be wanton.