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TNA may refer to:

In politics:

  • Tamil National Alliance, a political coalition in Sri Lanka
  • The National Alliance, a political party in Kenya
  • The National Archives (United Kingdom)
  • Tonga Nurses' Association

In science:

  • Threose nucleic acid, an artificial genetic polymer
  • Trinitroaniline, a nitrated amine

in transport

  • Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, China, IATA code
  • The ICAO code for TransAsia Airways


  • A clothing brand of Aritzia
  • Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
TNA (Airborne nuclear warhead)

The French Airborne nuclear warhead (TNA) is a thermonuclear warhead carried by the Air-Sol Moyenne Portée Amélioré (ASMPA) medium-range air-to-surface missile, a component of the Force de frappe French nuclear deterrent. The warhead was introduced in 2010. 54 warheads had been produced replacing former TN 81 warhead carried by former Air-Sol Moyenne Portée Amélioré (ASMP) medium-range air-to-surface missile.

Deployment: 54 warheads carried by the ASMPA equipping the Mirage 2000 N with the French Air Force and Dassault Rafale of Naval Aviation. The airborne nuclear warheads (TNA) that are carried on the new improved medium-range air-to-ground missiles (in French ASMPA) are now loaded underneath the Rafale aircraft. Each TNA has a declared destructive power of 300 kilotonnes. This amounts to over 20 times the power of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 and caused some 250 000 deaths then or in the aftermath (De Gaulle gave the figure as 300 000). In comparison, therefore, each ASMPA missile could by itself cause 5 million deaths (not counting wounded) and annihilate the population of a city like Paris and its agglomeration.