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TMK was the designation of a Soviet space exploration project to send a manned flight to Mars and Venus (TMK-MAVR design) without landing.

The TMK-1 spacecraft was due to be launched in 1971 and make a three-year-long flight including a Mars flyby, at which time probes would have been dropped. Expanded project variations, such as the TMK-E, Mavr or KK, including a Venus flyby, electric propulsion or a manned Mars landing were also proposed.

The TMK project was planned as an answer from the Soviet Union to the United States' manned Moon landings. A previous Martian Piloted Complex mission was proposed in 1956. The project was never completed because the required N1 rocket never flew successfully.

TMK (disambiguation)

TMK may refer to:

  • OAO TMK, a Russian pipe producer
  • TMK, Soviet Union Mars bound space exploration project
  • Tillamook Airport, Oregon, USA, FAA identifier
  • Torchmark Corporation, NYSE symbol
  • Tees Maar Khan, Bollywood movie and its protagonist
  • Türk Maarif Koleji, school in Northern Cyprus