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TLP refers to:

  • TLP (band), reaggea band
  • Tactical Leadership Programme, a military training unit situated in Albacete, Spain.
  • Traded Life Policies, the trading, largely in Britain, of second-hand life assurance.
  • Tanzania Labour Party, a political party in Tanzania
  • Tension-leg platform, one type of offshore platform.
  • Tistega lepega popoldneva, a Slovenian TV show
  • Third Launch Pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, India.
  • Thread level parallelism
  • Thermal laser printer
  • Traffic Light Protocol, a designation system for classifying sensitive information by US-CERT
  • Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, the only book-length work published by Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in his lifetime.
  • Transaction Layer Packet in the PCI Express specification
  • Transient lunar phenomenon, rare illumination event on the Lunar surface.
  • Transmission level point, telecommunications signal test point.
  • Transmission line pulse, characterisation of Electro-Static Devices
  • The Translinear Principle, a circuits concept that uses an exponential current-voltage relationship in a circuit element
  • Transaction Log Processor, a server-side program that parses server logs for relevant transactions for recording into a second system
  • Telefones de Lisboa e Porto, a former telecom which its successor is Portugal Telecom.
  • Tastelikepizza, Dutch weblog,