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TLE may stand for: In arts and entertainment:

  • The Living End, an Australian band formed in 1994
  • Star Trek: The Lost Era, a novel series in the Star Trek franchise
  • The Lost Experience, a game based on the Lost television series
  • The Last Elegy, a Brazilian e-Sports team

In science and technology:

  • Kimber Custom TLE II, a handgun
  • Target Location Error, in ballistics, the difference between the actual and expected location of a target
  • Temporal lobe epilepsy, a medical condition causing seizures
  • Total Lipid Extraction, a chemical method in laboratory analysis
  • Total lunar eclipse, an astronomical event
  • Transient luminous event, or upper-atmospheric lightning, a weather phenomenon
  • Two-line element set, a format for distributing orbital element data
  • An error in Competitive programming meaning Time Limit Exceeded.

Other uses:

  • Technology and Livelihood Education, part of an educational curriculum in the Philippines