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Tlascala (genus)

Tlascala is a genus of snout moths. It contains only one species, Tlascala reductella, the Tlascala Moth, which is found in North America, where it has been recorded from Florida to Illinois and Kentucky, as well as in Ontario. It has also been recorded from Honduras.

The wingspan is about . The forewings are banded with various colours. The first band is brownish, then a black, whitish and finally a pale brownish-grey abnd. There are two black discal spots in the median area and the subterminal line is black. The terminal line consists of a series of black dashes. The hindwings are brownish-grey. Adults have been recorded on wing from February to September, with most records from April to July.

Usage examples of "tlascala".

We are already east of Tlascala, and about fifteen miles from Yxtacamaxtitlan.

They had then marched on towards Tlascala, the republic that had so long resisted the strength of all Mexico.

Spaniards were again ready to advance, the whole fighting force of Tlascala was placed at their disposal.

Roger heard occasional remarks that showed it was the opinion of the inhabitants that Montezuma had only allowed these strangers to enter his country for the purpose of destroying them, there was no general feeling of hostility to them--the satisfaction at the defeat they had inflicted upon Tlascala far outweighing any other feeling.

He knew that he would have received, from Cuitcatl, the news that he had surmounted the dangers of his journey and joined the Spaniards at Tlascala, and thought that it would be better to defer presenting himself to the prince until he could do so more privately at Tezcuco.

Although they had heard, from Bathalda, all that had happened from the time of their leaving Tezcuco to their arrival at Tlascala, he had to go over it again.

Think you that the white men could ever have advanced beyond the plateau of Tlascala, had all the forces of Mexico barred the way?

Thus reinforced, they marched to Tlascala, where six hundred native troops joined him.

However, they reached Tlascala, and were there joined by Ordaz and Velasquez.

Why, then, should they despair of making their way back to Tlascala, where they would have rest and friends?

The fight cannot be renewed tomorrow, and before the sun sets the enemy will have reached the borders of Tlascala, and will be safe there.

But scarcely had he reached the frontier of Tlascala than he saw a vast procession advancing.

Cortez dispatched a body of cavalry in pursuit, arrested him in Tlascala, brought him down to Tezcuco, and there hung him in the sight of his own countrymen.

But the chase soon grew so hot that he left this place for the wooded hill country between his state and the neighboring one of Tlascala, hoping to find safety in its thickets and caverns.

This plain they were obliged to traverse on their way to Tlascala, their chosen place of retreat.