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The TK (TK-3) and TKS were Polish tankettes during the Second World War.

TKS (disambiguation)

TKS may refer to one of the following

  • TKS, Polish tankettes during the Second World War
  • Turks and Caicos Islands, the country's ISO 3166-1 alpha-3-code
  • TKS Ice Protection system, fluid-based airborne ice protection system
  • TKS (company), the company producing the TKS ice protection system
  • TKS spacecraft, Soviet spacecraft
  • Taijin kyofusho syndromes, a Japanese form of social phobia
  • 3,5,7-Trioxododecanoyl-CoA synthase, an enzyme
  • The King's School, Parramatta, a private school situated in Western Sydney
TKS (company)

TKS (Tecalemit-Kilfrost-Sheepbridge Stokes) was a British aerospace manufacturer formed in 1942 to develop an ice protection system that could be compatible with armoured leading edges on military aircraft.