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Tkach is a Slavic surname. The English translation of the name is "Weaver". It is a common surname in the Ukraine, as well as in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Serbia.

It may refer to:

  • Anna Tkach (born 1975), Russian-born Israeli sprinter
  • Joseph W. Tkach (1927–1995), American religious figure
  • Joseph Tkach, Jr. (born 1951), American religious figure, son of Joseph W. Tkach
  • Mikhail Tkach (1895–unknown), Ukrainian-born American spy
  • Serhiy Tkach (born 1952), Russian-born Ukrainian serial killer
  • Svetlana Şepelev-Tcaci (Svetlana Tkach) (born 1969), Moldovan runner
  • Zlata Tkach (1928–2006), Moldovan composer