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TIZ (motorcycle)

TIZ (ТИЗ) or Taganrogskiy Instrumentalniy Zavod No. 65 named after Stalin (Таганрогслий инструментальный завод No. 65 им. т. Сталина)) was a motorcycle manufacturer. In 1936 they commenced building the TIZ-AM-600 (Army Motorcycle), a Soviet copy of the BSA 1931 Sloper 600. With the German Invasion of the Soviet Union, the plant was transferred east to the town of Tyumen in the Ural region. The new plant was known as TMZ (ТМЗ) or Tyumenskiy Mototsikletniy Zavod (Тюменский мотоциклетный завод).


Tiz may refer to:

  • Katy Tiz, English singer-songwriter
  • Tiz Zaqyah, Malaysian actress, model and singer
  • Joy Tiz, American columnist
  • Ashley Tisdale a.k.a. The Tiz, American actress, singer, and producer
  • TiZ, American Hip-Hop Artisit/Songwriter
  • Tis, Iran, a village in Iran
  • TIZ (motorcycle)
  • Mr Tiz, a champion New Zealand thoroughbred racehorse
  • Tari Airport (IATA Code)

Usage examples of "tiz".

Within seconds the Eire men had snatched up Hori and Tiz and were riding for their lives as thousands of tons of snow and rock roared down on them.

Wild creatures also followed the gully to the trail below, and Tiz had instructed the warrior to watch for game.

They would serve Tiz loyally until the queen could send troops to man the vital outpost.

For now, Tiz, Val, and my nobles can command the troops defending our borders.

Shahi released her last arrow into the enemy charge and scrambled over the rear wall after Tiz, hand over hand down a knotted rope.

Greeks bearing down on them, slung Tiz across his broad shoulders, and ran to the waiting camels as an earth-shaking rumble far above them drowned out the war cries of the mercenaries.