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Tiw (god)

Tiw, in Uru (a pre-Incan people) mythology is a protector of mines, lakes, and rivers. It is closely related to the Aymara deity of Anchanchu, a terrible demon which haunts caves, rivers, and other isolated places.


Tiw may refer to:

  • Tiw (god), an Incan god
  • Týr, a Norse god. (Tiw is the Old English spelling.)
  • Telesystems International Wireless, a Canadian global mobile communications operator.
  • Tropical instability waves, a westward-propagating wave.
  • Tiw Valley, named after the Norse god Týr.
  • Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing, responsible for the processing of fast-jet electro-optic imagery.
  • TIW is the IATA code for Tacoma Narrows Airport