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Tiv or TIV may refer to:

  • Tiv people, an ethnic nation in West Africa
  • Tiv language, an ethno-linguistic group in West Africa
  • Time-invariant system
  • Tornado Intercept Vehicle
  • Trivalent influenza vaccine
  • Turbine Installation Vessel
  • T-IV mine, a Soviet anti-tank mine
  • Fokker T.IV, a Dutch torpedo bomber/maritime reconnaissance floatplane
  • Tivat Airport's IATA airport code
  • Triangle Inequality Violation, phenomenon found in Internet delay

Usage examples of "tiv".

You must be completely silent and always walk within the triangle whose points will be Tiv, my lord Prince Cassiodoron, and myself.

The most Tiv ever cared about was the color of his newest court robes.

True to what Tiv and Fazhim had said, elves picked up after themselves.

On the whitewashed walls hung terra-cotta icons of Usil and Tiv, the Etruscan gods of the sun and moon, and a well cover with a figure of the demon Charun emerging from the underworld.

The Tiv was a faux Bavarian catering house that served overcooked Wiener schnitzel and soggy tortes.