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Tiu is a proper name that has these meanings:

  • Tiu (pharaoh) (4th millennium BC), the first (predynastic) Pharaoh of Lower Egypt
  • Týr, as the Old English name for the Sky-God of Norse (Germanic) Mythology
  • Tiu, the Babylonian fiend of headache
  • Ţiu, a village in Cernăteşti Commune, Dolj County, Romania
  • The Filipino version of the Chinese surname Zhang
  • Chris Tiu, a Filipino basketball player

As an abbreviation:

  • TiU can be Tilburg University
  • TIU can be Trinity International University
Tiu (pharaoh)

Tiu, also known as Teyew, is mentioned in the Palermo Stone as a Predynastic Egyptian king who ruled in the Lower Egypt. As there is no other evidence of such ruler, he may be a mythical king preserved through oral tradition, or may even be completely fictitious.