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n. (context analytical chemistry English) The strength or concentration of a solution that has been determined by titration. vb. To determine a titre, especially by titration


n. the concentration of a solution as determined by titration [syn: titer]

Usage examples of "titre".

Les meubles de ce cabinet consistaient en trois chaises de cuir noir et une table couverte de titres et de parchemins.

Je legitimerais cet enfant par ce mariage et je lui assurerais mon nom, mon titre et ma fortune.

Being now arrived at the proper age for producing themselves, they came up to town, and fell in love with the ladies, but especially three, who about that time were in chief reputation: the Duchess d'Argent, Madame de Grands Titres, and the Countess d'Orgueil.

It's not a virus, because antibody titres don't go up, and white-cell differentials don't change.