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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Titrate \Ti"trate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Titrated; p. pr. & vb. n. Titrating.] [F. titrer, from titre standard, title. See Title, n.] (Chem.) To analyse, or determine the strength of, by means of standard solutions. Cf. Standardized solution, under Solution.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1854, with -ate (2) + French titrer, from titre "standard, title," also "fineness of alloyed gold" (see title (n.)).


vb. 1 (context transitive analytical chemistry English) To ascertain the amount of a constituent in a solution (or other mixture) by measuring the volume of a known concentration (the "standard solution") needed to complete a reaction. 2 (context medicine English) To adjust the amount of a drug consumed until the desired effects are achieved.


v. measure by (the volume or concentration of solutions) by titration

Usage examples of "titrate".

The precipitate of ammonic-magnesic phosphate is filtered off, dissolved, and titrated with uranium acetate, using the same standard solution as is used in the arsenic assay: 0.

The small quantity of white flocculent precipitate which may be observed in the acetic acid solution before titrating, contains the whole of the iron as ferric arsenate.

Perhaps the solar ultraviolet light could be absorbed by an atmospheric layer of pulverized asteroidal or surface debris injected in carefully titrated amounts above the CFCs.

The assay should be contained in a pint flask, and be cooled before titrating.

This property is made use of in determining the quantity of uranium in pure solutions by titrating with permanganate of potassium solution as in the case with iron.

The precipitate may be dried and weighed, or, better, titrated with uranium acetate.

Iodine is at the same time liberated, and the amount of antimony reduced is got at by titrating with sodium hyposulphite, which measures the iodine set free.

A direct determination may be made by removing the tin from the titrated solution with sulphuretted hydrogen, filtering, nearly neutralising with ammonia, and boiling with a few grams of hyposulphite of soda.

The precipitate, freed from manganese, is then dissolved in hydrochloric acid and titrated.

The manganese is determined in the titrated solution by precipitation as dioxide and titrating.

Another gram of the same ore, roasted, dissolved and titrated with stannous chloride, required 63.

An hypnotic illusion, of course, quite possibly the outcome of titrated solutions doing their chemical work, but absolutely right at this time, this place.

Roiling a little at the interface where the reagent was titrated in, but it quickly diffused.

Carefully bled-in carbon monoxide, by way of the T-valve, titrated to cause just the right amount of hypoxia.

I've got some embedded chips just below the skin, tasting my blood and titrating into it some little bags of wonder-drug stuff.