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n. (context British colloquial English) A very small person; a small child; a small amount.


Titch can refer to the following:

As a nickname:

  • Barclay Bailes (1883–1955), Australian rules footballer
  • Arthur A. Edwards (1915–2002), Australian rules footballer
  • William Horne (footballer) (1885–1930), English goalkeeper for Plymouth Argyle
  • Titch Moore (born 1976), South African golfer
  • Michael Phelan (hurler) (born 1967), Irish former hurler

Other uses:

  • Titch (TV series), a 1990s television series shown on CITV
  • Titch, a character in the UK comic strip Ball Boy (Beano)
  • Crazy Titch, English grime MC
  • Taylor Titch, a 1960s British homebuilt aircraft design
Titch (TV series)

Titch was a stop-motion children's television programme that originally aired on Children's ITV from 1997 to 2000, then from 2001 to 2006 on Tiny Living, before appearing on Milkshake! in 2006 as Tiny Living went off-air. It was created by Pat Hutchins, also the creator of the Titch book series.

Usage examples of "titch".

When the Titcher take our planet, they will gain access to the bosons already generated and the boson generator.

The Mreee and the Nitch were not as hard targets as the Titcher units and Bill felt that the gun, which was the first Gatling gun accessorized with a semiauto selector switch, was more in keeping with the threat.

And they have antiair and antiartillery support from some sort of Titcher weaponry.

The Old Un, Titch and Pluto waved to us from the open turret and then they and the armored car had disappeared in a cloud of dust.