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Tir, tir or TIR may mean:

  • The French term for Sch├╝tzenfest, a target-shooting competition
  • Tir (month), the fourth month (the first month of summer) in the Iranian calendar
  • Tir, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Occasional spelling of the Old Norse theonym Tyr
  • A woman thrall in Old Norse society
Tir (month)

Tir (, ) is the fourth month of the Iranian calendar. It begins in June and ends in July of the Gregorian calendar. Tir has thirty-one days, spanning June and July in the Gregorian calendar.

Tir is the first month of summer, and is followed by Mordad.

Tir (receptor)

Tir (translocated intimin receptor) is an essential component in the adherence of the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) and enterohemorraghic Escherichia coli (EHEC) to the cells lining the small intestine. To aid attachment, both EPEC and EHEC possess the ability to reorganise the host cell actin cytoskeleton via the secretion of virulence factors. These factors are secreted directly into the cells using a Type three secretion system. One of the virulence factors secreted is the Translocated Intimin Receptor (Tir). Tir is a receptor protein encoded by the espE gene which is located on the locus of enterocyte effacement (LEE) pathogenicity island in EPEC strains. It is secreted into the host cell membranes and acts as a receptor for intimin which is found on the bacterial surface. Once Tir binds intimin, the bacterium is attached to the enterocyte surface.

Tir is also a receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) that initiates its intimate adherence by inserting a hairpin orientation in the intestinal cell membrane to enable tight binding to intimin on the bacterial cell outer membrane. Upon phosphorylation, Tir activates condensation and polymerization of actin filaments under the bacterial cell to form a pedestal-like structure.

Tir (god)

Tir or Tiur was the god of schooling, rhetoric, wisdom, and the arts worshiped in ancient Armenia.

He was the son of Hayk and considered to be the chief god Aramazd's messenger, fortune teller and the one who explained dreams, and who recorded the good and bad deeds of the men and the one who guided souls to the under world. He spent one month of the year documenting the birthdays and deaths of people in his journal, the other 11 months were spent on gifting power to writers, poets, musicians, sculptors, and architects.

Tir's temple was located near Artashat. The 4th month of the ancient Armenian Calendar was named after Tir; "Tre" or "Tri". Also named after him was the mountain Tirinkatar, the city Tirakatar, the villages Tre and Tirarich, and some Armenian names such as Tiran, Tirots, Tiridates. In the Hellenistic period Armenians considered Tir as the Greek gods Apollo and Hermes.

Usage examples of "tir".

Celtic and Gaelic gods, Bas of Tir Conaill who had been a noble of Eirrin.

Tir Nan Og, as do all of us here in the Tir inna m Beo, the land of the living.

Ingold crossed the Void between worlds to save the infant Prince Tir from the destruction of Gae, Gil Patterson and Rudy Solis tried to help him.

I believe their attacks were concentrated on the Palace at Gae because they knew that Eldor and Tir were dangerous to them, that the memories the King and Prince held were the clue to their ultimate defeat.

Laegair mac Gol of Tir Edgain died on the instant of a crushed skull, far from his home in Ailech of Eirrin.

One day everyone in Tira Virte, possibly even the Premio Sancto and Premia Sancta, would do what he askedor toldthem to do.

Bayern from southern Tira, winning the day for Bayern by burning the Tiran troops, but paying the ultimate price as the fire consumes him as well.

Tir was making his way purposefully over to Rudy across the bearskin, tangling himself in the black and white silk of his gown.

It was after all not fit to be a citizen of Tira Virte if the Matra ei Filho denied that blessing, so the death therefore was a gift.

Tira Virte, save they lived in her now, died, and were buried in her soil, blessed in their passing by the Matra ei Filho.

Papers upon papers: maps of Tira Virte, maps of Pracanza, maps of Ghillas, of Taglis, Merse, Diettro Mareia, even of Vethia, so far to the north of the world .

Tira Virteafter the birth of her Son, was celebrated by the draping of vivid bloodflowers throughout the city .

Un gaucho alza a un moreno con el cuchillo, lo tira como un saco de huesos, lo ve agonizar y morir, se agacha para limpiar el acero, desata su caballo y monta despacio, para que no piensen que huye.

It was a law of Oriel, of the whole island of Tir Isarnagiri, of the whole world as far as Conal knew.

So much power, so much magic, so many ancient skills possessed by no one else in Tira Virte, not even the Viehos Fratos, who did not know they themselves and their vaunted Gifts were no more than leavings on the platter presented by Al-Fansihirro.