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TIPA (software)

TIPA is a free software package providing IPA and other phonetic character capabilities for TeX and LaTeX. Written by , TIPA is based upon the author's previous work in TSIPA.

TIPA characters are placed within a LaTeX document using any of the following ways: \textipa{...}, {\tipaencoding ...}, or \begin{IPA} ... \end{IPA}.

TIPA supports the symbols in the Phonetic Symbol Guide (though macros are sometimes required) as well as a few idiosyncratic ones, such as a small-capital Q and an ligature .


TIPA may refer to:

  • TIPA (software), for typesetting IPA in TeX
  • Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, to preserve Tibetan artistic heritage
  • Technical Image Press Association, an international association
  • Tudor IT Process Assessment, a methodological framework for process assessment
  • Triisopropanolamine, a chemical
  • Tipa, a common name for the plant Tipuana tipu