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n. (plural of tin English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: tin)

Usage examples of "tins".

I took the tins out from their hiding place and pulled the tin-opener out of my pocket.

She reached behind her back, shoving candy tins away from whatever had caught the rucksack.

THE STAGE OF THE CORVIN CINEMA, AMID A CLUTTER Of orange peels and empty sardine tins and broken ammunition crates and discarded clothing and heaps of mimeographed tracts and assorted weaponry, the players in the drama waited for the curtain to rise on the third act.

Shirtless young men were tossing cartons of Spam and tins of ammunition from hand to hand up the beach to one of the bungalows that had been turned into a depot.

Chunks of stale bread, baked the previous day in shallow holes scooped out of the ground, and tins of humus were passed around, along with raw onions.

After a cautious interval the seeker after oranges emerged from behind the biscuit tins, having apparently failed to find any individual orange that satisfied his requirements.

Supreme Court overruled his argument that tins was a protected form of free expression.