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tincture of opium

n. narcotic consisting of a tincture of opium or any preparation in which opium is the main ingredient [syn: laudanum]

Usage examples of "tincture of opium".

Many small bottles and vials: tartar emetic, mercurous chloride, syrup of squill, tincture of opium.

I reduce it as much as I can with the alcoholic tincture of opium.

I treated the wound with a tincture of opium and powdered rose petals and swaddled her hand with linen.

Afterward, quick flight and a careful erasing of tracks, tactics learned from the Euskerri, and tincture of opium to keep the children compliant.

It was therefore only with the greatest reluctance that he had included one small square case-bottle of laudanum (the alcoholic tincture of opium, alas) in his medicine chest.

Padeen, Stephen's Irish servant and loblolly-boy, often in and about the sick-berth and the medical stores, had become deeply addicted to laudanum, the alcoholic tincture of opium.

The preparation which it contained was, as I had anticipated, the common Tincture of Opium.

All this had been a weary, anxious task, and the contemplation of his hastily, partially re-read, almost certainly over-voluble and ill-considered series of letters bounding over the ocean wave (for the breeze was favourable) so wrung his weary spirit that for the first time in a great while he turned to his old friend and enemy laudanum, the alcoholic tincture of opium, and plunged into a sleep, guilty for the first few fathoms and then pure balm.