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Timorese may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to Timor, an island in Southeast Asia
    • Something of, from, or related to East Timor, a country located on the island of Timor
      • A person from East Timor, or of East Timorese descent. For information about these people, see Demographics of East Timor and Culture of East Timor. For specific persons, see List of people from East Timor.
    • Something of, from, or related to West Timor - the rest of Timor, which is part of the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia
      • A person from West Timor or of West Timorese descent.
  • Note that there is no language called "Timorese". See Languages of East Timor and Languages of West Timor.
  • Note that there is no ethnicity nor a nationality called "Timorese". For ethnic groups living in Timor, with their own separate articles, see articles like Atoni, Bunak, Galoli or Mambai.

Usage examples of "timorese".

Identify with some bloody oik of an East Timorese who can hardly tell the difference between himself and a tree?

Wednesday as Timorese security forces loyal to embattled President Gusmao fired on a crowd of more than two thousand demonstrators as they approached the government offices in central Kupang.

As a result of the invasion 200,000 people of the Timorese were killed.

Americans who survived the massacre in East Timor on November 12, 1991, a massacre during which Indonesian troops armed with American M-16s gunned down at least 271 Timorese civilians in front of the Santa Cruz Catholic cemetery as they were gathered in the act of peaceful mourning and protest.

They came ashore and began the massacres that culminated in a third of the Timorese population.