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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tightly \Tight"ly\, adv. In a tight manner; closely; nearly.


adv. In a tight manner.

  1. adv. in a tight or constricted manner; "a tightly packed pub"

  2. securely fixed or fastened; "the window was tightly sealed"

Usage examples of "tightly".

Tildus grinned tightly, motioning for the others to get Alec on his feet.

Suddenly dizzy, Amy lowered her hands to the sides of her chair and held on tightly.

So Brett took Finn where he wanted to go, introduced him to the often appalling people Finn said he needed to meet, and did a lot of sitting miserably in corners, with his arms folded tightly over his aching stomach.

The wall of the arteriole had been abraded by the injury and was not entirely blocked by the clot which embraced the section of nerve fibers and cells tightly.

This air is enhanced by the presence of five aspidistras, placed in a row on the top of the bunting, which has been stretched across the top, over the opening and the turned-back lid, tightly fixed to the edges with drawing pins, and allowed to fall in artistic festoons down the sides and in a sort of valance-like effect across the front.

Nobain spun about to see the broad form of Mehrayn, astand with sword gripped tightly in fist, thoroughly enraged.

She passed one to Auger and donned the other one, closing the Velcro seams tightly.

He saw the way Azar wove her fingers together tightly and wondered what agitated her so about his story.

I shall loose an insect in my tightly screened dining-room when Batta, my house-boy, brings in breakfast--keeping well on guard myself.

As Benedict wrapped his arms tightly about her middle, holding her steady against his solid frame, she let out a silent rush of air against his bare neck.

Under the picture, a lock of tightly coiled blond hair was secured beneath a beveled crystal.

His evening clothes tightly hugged every masculine muscle from his bulging biceps to the powerful quadriceps in his thighs.

He hauled the big biplane around so tightly the whole frame shuddered, giving his gunners belly shots on three and four dragons at once.

The roar of a long-ago crowd came back, a crowd packed tightly together up there, in the bleachers, with the band in the center of things blaring away with its endless renditions of the Spartan fight song.

Jaeger was now climbing up the bleachers, wearing his green game jersey with the number 5 in white with silver trim, tucked tightly into his jeans.