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Tighe may refer to:

  • Tadhg, given name
  • Tighe, California, former name of Burlington, California
  • Tighe, Indiana, an unincorporated community
people with the given name Tighe
  • Tighe Dombrowski (1982- ), American soccer player
  • Tighe Scott (1949- ), American racecar driver
people with the surname Tighe Pronounced
  • Ambrose Tighe (1859–1928), American lawyer, politician, and academic
  • Andrew Tighe, Australian actor
  • Brad Tighe (1984- ), Australian rugby league player
  • Darren Tighe, English actor and comedian
  • Charles Tighe, (1927-2004), American lawyer and politician
  • Lieutenant General Eugene F. Tighe, director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Jack Tighe (1913–2002), American baseball manager
  • James Tighe, British professional wrestler
  • Karen Tighe, Australian radio and television sports presenter
  • Kevin Tighe (1944- ), American actor
  • Mary Tighe (1772–1810), Irish poet
  • Michael Tighe, American musician and actor
  • Robert Tighe (????-1620), English cleric and
  • Tommy Tighe, sports radio broadcaster

Usage examples of "tighe".

You did indeed have aview of Lieutenant William Tighe Park across the street.

At first I put it down to foul Chinese grub, and certainly something gave me the most vivid nightmares, in which I was playing a single-wicket match up and downstairs in Whampoa's house, and his silky little Chinese tarts were showing me how to hold my bat - that part of it was all right, as they snuggled up, whispering fragrantly and guiding my hands, but all the time I was conscious of dark shapes moving behind the screens, and when Daedalus Tighe bowled to me it was a Chinese lantern that I had to hit, and it went ballooning up into the dark, bursting into a thousand rockets, and Old Morrison and the Duke came jumping out at me in sarongs, crying that I must run all through the house to score a single, at compound interest, and I set off, blundering past the screens, where nameless horrors lurked, and I was trying to catch Solomon, who was flitting like a shadow before me, calling out of the dark that there was no danger, because he carried ten guns, and I could feel someone or .

Bonar Tighes LACs screamed south, and rose from their designated drop zones back to orbit an ample twelve minutes before Martin-Lehore finally fixed MetSatIVs glitch.

So many needles to ponk out to as many noodles as are company, they noddling all about it tutti to tempo, decumans numbered too, (a) well, that the secretary bird, better known as Pandoria Paullabucca, whom they thought was more like a solicitor general, indiscriminatingly made belief mid authorsagastions from Schelm the Pelman to write somewords to Senders about her chilikin puck, laughing that Poulebec would be the death of her, (b) that, well, that Madges Tighe, the postulate auditressee, when her daremood's a grownian, is always on the who goes where, hoping to Michal for the latter to turn up with a cupital tea before her ephumeral comes off without any much father which is .

I considered the remarkable Mr Tighe all the way to Canterbury, too, and concluded that if he was fool enough to throw money away, that was his business-what kind of odds could he hope to get on my losing my wicket, for after all, I batted well down the list, and might easily carry my bat through the hand?