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Crossword clues for tiered

  1. Having or made of tiers v

  2. (en-past of: tier)


adj. having or arranged in tiers; "a tiered mound"

Usage examples of "tiered".

Tsu Tiao was laid out atop a great, tiered pedestal on a huge bedspread with silken sheets of gold.

His mustache had not grown in fully, like the mustache of a pubescent boy, yet lines of stress tiered his brow and his eyes seemed worn, like dark coins from which the symbols of the realm had been effaced.

A vision in tiered and tasseled skirt of embroidered flame and saffron, a short-sleeved coat upon his upper body, and on his head a towerlike tiara tied round with the white ribbon of the diadem.

The tiered planks were close to capacity, mainly occupied by old folks, hoopskirted women and girl children.

And the tiered hillside streets and roads of Buda now loomed on the nearer right bank.

PIT was a riot of noise and activity, its tiered benches packed to overflowing.