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The tiền ( Hán tự: 錢) was a currency used in Vietnam during the 19th and 20th centuries. The name is a cognate with the Chineseqián , a unit of weight called " mace" in English.

In the early 19th century, silver and gold bars were traded as currency in imperial Vietnam with values of up to 10 tiền (approximately 40 grams, or 1 tael). Bars of 1 tiền weighed between 3 and 4 grams.

During this time, silver and gold coins were minted (using Vietnamese characters and design, but of types resembling either Chinese cash or Western coins) with denominations of up to 10 tiền being minted.

These coins continued to be minted in varying quantities into the 20th century in French Indochina, although circulating alongside the French Indochinese piastre.

Tien (TV channel)

Tien (meaning Ten in Dutch), previously known as Talpa, was the name of a commercial television channel in the Netherlands. Tien opened on August 13, 2005 as Talpa, following a name dispute with SBS Broadcasting. SBS owned the trademark " TV10" and objected to the use of the word Tien. The owner of Tien, Dutch media mogul John de Mol, decided to rebrand the channel as Talpa, the Latin word for " mole", which is mol in Dutch. Subsequently Talpa became the name of De Mol's holding company.

In the first months Talpa shared its channel with Nickelodeon. On December 16, 2006, Nickelodeon switched to The Box and Tien started broadcasting full days.

In December 2006, Talpa and SBS Broadcasting solved their dispute. Talpa was renamed as Tien.

In the summer of 2007, the assets of Talpa Media were sold to RTL Nederland, which meant the end of the Tien television channel. RTL Nederland used the vacated cable spot to launch a new television channel called RTL 8. Also included in the deal were the broadcasting rights for the Dutch football league and radio station Radio 538. Tien closed on August 17, 2007.

Tien (surname)

Tien is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Chang-Lin Tien (1935–2002), Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley (1990–97)
  • James Tien (politician) (born 1947), Hong Kong businessman and politician, current Chairman of the Liberal Party
  • Michael Tien, brother of the above
  • James Tien (actor), Chinese actor
  • Tien Wei Wu, Malaysian businessman (director)

Usage examples of "tien".

As soon as Tien had bolted up the ladder Morris had sent Bony Robbins aft to see to the security of the upper level.

Los de a pie que no llevan escopetas tienen lanza, flecha, y honda con su provision de piedras en un bolson como de granaderos.

Mais quelquefois le souvenir du jugement injuste et aveugle des hommes couvre mon front de nuages, ainsi que le tien.

Hij had zijn hand maar uit te strekken en hij zou er tien aan elken vinger hebben.

Als jonge knaap al, toen de generale overste nog maar gewoon Vince Giuliani was, was hij onder de indruk geraakt van Emilio Sandoz die hem een jaar voor was bij de tien jaar durende vorming tot priester.

Dat menen we ook, op dat moment, maar tien of twintig jaar later lig je in een scheiding.

Tiens, ajouta-t-il en montrant la fiole de sirop, je ne mentais pas, va.

Las plateas gozaban cono si les hicieran cosquillas, aunque yo no pescaba una palabra, porque hablaban en un idioma que tienen los rusos para que no los manye al vuelo ni el Pibe Sinagoga, y yo estaba impaciente por llegar al hotel para que Fainberg me contara los chistes.

Heaven itself, and the twenty-eight principal stars of the zodiac, and the gods for subjugating evil spirits, and the god king of Flying Heaven, and the god of the great long life of Buddha, and the gods of Tien Kan and To Tze, and the great sages of the Trigrams, and the gate gods, and the kitchen gods, and the godly generals in charge of the month and the week and the day and the hour!

Nog steeds zocht hij er nieuwe voor in de plaats, tot hij erin slaagde tien stenen achter elkaar in het water te gooien, een behoorlijk eind van het strand af.

Tien, we have detected twelve submerged contacts in the Bohai Haixia Strait.

Para mi solo recorrer los caminos que tienen corazon, cualquier camino que tenga corazon.

Tu me diras si ces sentiments sont les tiens et si je me suis mise a ta place.

Leaving the city raised our chances seventy per cent, if the callers worked and Tien committed less than two thousand people to Paran.

Sin embargo, esos reaccionarios, con sus anticuados prejuicios, siguieron el trabajo de zapa y no trepido en afirmar que, indirectamente, ellos tienen la culpa de todo.