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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tidily \Ti"di*ly\, adv. In a tidy manner.


adv. In a tidy manner, neatly, cleanly.


adv. in a tidy manner; "the door gave access to a tidily furnished sitting-room where chintz and oak predominated"

Usage examples of "tidily".

She gathered the scraps Grigri had left and wrapped them tidily in a napkin.

With some dignity, Peabody pulled out a tidily wrapped hoagie and passed it to Eve.

In preparation, I had pulled the coverings tidily over the palliasse which passed as my mattress and swept the worst of the dust out on to the landing.

Roozeboom was going about the outside, checking the ropes from roof to stakes, here and there tightening one or easing another to get the tension equal all around, then giving every rope an extra half hitch and tidily belaying the loose end so it would not be tripped over.

Jake was in high spirits and Annis, packing everything tidily away in her luggage later, longed for him to be like that always.

The cat licked appreciative whiskers and curled herself up tidily, the kittens tucked up against her.

Meg, collecting plates and piling them tidily on a tray and carrying it out to the kitchen, where she loaded it up again with light-as-air castle puddings and hot jam sauce.

Every third step or so, her long toenails, curved tidily over the soles, snatched up a bit of moss and threw it into her path.

She did her face rapidly, swept her hair tidily into a chignon and went back to join him.

When I saw Verity's turquoise hide gleaming in the dappling summer shade, Nighteyes sat down and curled his tail tidily around his forefeet.

Beneath the window on a narrow ledge was a flame-bird's nest, a tidily woven basket of straw and wild-pamet fiber, holding three spherical golden eggs.

Jewelry -- a heavy linked gold chain, complicated twists of earrings, a slim bracelet watch-recorder -- had been slipped tidily in a glass bowl.

He arranged the knife and fork tidily together, straightened the dessert spoon, and took the remains of his iced coffee and swirled the fragments of ice round so that they tinkled.

Stonestreet puts a filter tip between his tidily mobile lips and takes out a box of matches that Cayce assumes were acquired in some restaurant the night before.

Obsessed with formalizing these effects, comparing different schedules of reinforcement, the behaviourist journals became full of trivial phenomenology, mere catalogues of seemingly objective facts about the behaviour of rats in boxes as tidily classified as the stamps in a fanatic's collection, but as indifferent to either the biology or to the broader behavioural range of the animals they were ostensibly studying as were the pavlovians.