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a. infested with ticks (The tiny woodland arthropod of the order Acarina.) interj. (context onomatopoeia also tick English) Representing short pitchless sound at a reasonable volume. n. (context childish English) a tick (particularly, a check mark).

Usage examples of "ticky".

Beany he throwed the bat at Ticky and Ticky he cought it about half way down, and then Beany he put his hand above Tickys and Ticky he put his above Beanys, and so on til when they came to the end of the bat the last one whitch had his hand on has the first choice and no fudging, only he has got to swing the bat around his head 3 times and throw it 3 times as far as he can gump.

Well, I swanny, Fonny Boy ain't neither smarter than a ticky crab, Lula.