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Tich (dog)

Tich (1940–1959) was a mixed-breed military dog during the Second World War. She was awarded the Dickin Medal in 1949 for her actions during the war as a battalion mascot to the King's Royal Rifle Corps. The Dickin Medal is considered to be the animal's Victoria Cross. After the war she lived with her battalion handler at his home in the UK. After she died she was buried in the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)'s Ilford Animal Cemetery.

Tich (singer)

Rachel Furner (formerly Tich) is a British Singer/ Songwriter/ Composer. She originally performed under her real name 'Rachel Furner' and was signed to Mercury Records in the UK having supported artists such as Paolo Nutini, Justin Bieber and Pixie Lott. Furner left the label after 2.5 years and before releasing any material. She then embarked on a new venture in 2012 and used the name Tich as her stage name. She had been called Tich at school since the age of eight. Tich now goes by the name Rachel Furner again and writes songs for the likes of Little Mix and many other big names. Rachel also composed part of the music for an energy drink advert for 'Hype' featuring Kim Kardashian West. (0:24 to 1:56 in the video) In December 2014, Furner announced her own clothing line called Oddball. (

Whilst performing under the stage name Tich, she released an EP titled Candelight, which was released on 20 December 2012 via Gravity. Tich later signed a record deal with AATW and began working on her debut album which remains unreleased due to how busy she is with her songwriting. She released her debut single in 2013 called " Dumb" on the 12th of May and it reached number 23 on the UK Singles Chart. Her second single "Obsession" was released on 19 August 2013 and peaked at number 56 in the UK. Her second EP Candlelight II was released on 8 December 2013. Tich's 3rd single "Breathe In Breathe Out" was released on April 6, 2014.

Usage examples of "tich".

The two men, cold and saddlesore, thankfully handed over their horses to Tich Knight to be bedded down, then followed Michael into the taproom of the inn.

Lily and Tich had both shared the same doubts, it seemed, and he began to experience them himself.

He watched Tich water the horses sparingly from a small stream nearby, and then, his pipe finished, he lay back, resting his head on the trunk of a gnarled bluegum, willing himself to sleep.

Michael dismounted, Tich took his horse, and he crossed the street to the door of the bank.

But now- Tich pulled his horse to him and felt for his stirrup iron in the gathering darkness.

Some of them proved to be very intelligent - Pamela Dare, Potter, Tich Jackson, Larry Seales, Fernman - while others exhibited a native intelligence somewhat removed from academic pursuits, yet vitally necessary in the unrelenting struggle for survival with which they were already familiar.

There was a music-hall farce which Little Tich used to act in, in which he was supposed to be factotum to a crook solicitor.

I have seen this farce acted several times with other people in the same part, but I have never seen anyone who could approach the utter baseness that Little Tich could get into these simple words.

Tim had had three very close friends during his years at NewPark Comprehensive: Eamonn and Tich had gone on to University and Pat had entered the family soft goods business.

In the great stands that had been erected for the occasion were to be seen renowned Music-Hall entertainers such as Little Tich, performer of the ever-popular Big Boot Dance, and Count Otto Black, proprietor of The Circus Fantastique.

Little Tich was there, of course, wearing his now legendary ever-popular big boots.

You are, however also accused of assaulting Little Tich, the popular music hall entertainer.