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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tice \Tice\, v. t. [Aphetic form of entice.] To entice. [Obs.]
--The Coronation.


Tice \Tice\, n. (Cricket) A ball bowled to strike the ground about a bat's length in front of the wicket.


Etymology 1 n. (context cricket English) A ball bowled to strike the ground about a bat's length in front of the wicket. Etymology 2

vb. (context obsolete English) To entice.

Tice, FL -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Florida
Population (2000): 4538
Housing Units (2000): 1789
Land area (2000): 1.140402 sq. miles (2.953628 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.132269 sq. miles (0.342576 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.272671 sq. miles (3.296204 sq. km)
FIPS code: 71800
Located within: Florida (FL), FIPS 12
Location: 26.674815 N, 81.817565 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 33905
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Tice, FL
Tice (wetlands)

Tice are wetlands, which are the remains of the old bed of the river Tisza in the present-day Latorica Protected Landscape Area (situated along the Latorica River) in Slovakia.

The Tisza flowed 20 thousand years ago. The Tice, along with other territories marked by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, constitutes the main part of the Latorica Protected Landscape Area. They feature rare flora and fauna, especially water birds and amphibia.

Subject to special protection are the tice called "Dlhé tice" and "Krátke tice".


Tice may refer to:


  • Tice, Illinois, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Tice, Florida, United States, a census-designated place
  • Tice (wetlands), wetlands in Slovakia


  • Austin Tice (born 1981), former U.S. Marine Corps officer and kidnapped freelance journalist
  • Elena Tice (born 1997), English-born Irish cricketer
  • George A. Tice (born 1938), American photographer
  • John Tice (born 1960), American former National Football League player, brother of Mike Tice
  • Mike Tice (born 1959), American former National Football League player and head coach and current offensive line coach
  • Patrick Tice (born 1994), Irish cricketer, brother of Elena Tice
  • Richard Tice (born 1964), British property developer and CEO
  • Rico Tice (born 1966), English Anglican clergyman and writer
  • Robbie Tice (born 1990), Canadian soccer and futsal player
  • Russ Tice (born 1961), American whistleblower and former intelligence analyst

Other uses:

  • Tice Grammar School, Tice, Florida, on the National Register of Historic Places

Usage examples of "tice".

Wainwright talked about the same games as Tice had-the stun operator would intentionally misstun hogs so that Wainwright would have a hard time shackling them.

For regarding Believe-on-Me they said it was nought else but notion and they could conceive no thought of it for, first, Two-in-the-Bush whither she ticed them was the very goodliest grot and in it were four pillows on which were four tickets with these words printed on them, Pickaback and Topsyturvy and Shameface and Cheek by Jowl and, second, for that foul plague Allpox and the monsters they cared not for them for Preservative had given them a stout shield of oxengut and, third, that they might take no hurt neither from Offspring that was that wicked devil by virtue of this same shield which was named Killchild.

Simon and Schuster Contents PREFACE 1 The Transformation of Dona Soledad 2 The Little Sisters 3 La Gorda 4 The Genaros 5 The Art of Dreaming 6 The Second Attention Preface A flat, barren mountaintop on the western slopes of the Sierra Madre in central Mexico was the setting for my final meeting with don Juan and don Genaro and their other two appren- tices, Pablito and Nestor.

Mary Catherine recognized Kevin Tice, the founder of Pacific Netware, serving as a wide receiver.

Tell her you just no¬ ticed she has beautiful skin, and start massaging her shoulders.

He urged me to prac tice "dreaming" without letting my fears make it into an en cumbering production.

This was but one tactic m a larger campaign of simultaneous financial aggrandizement and Imperial wooing Vladimir also played both ends against the middle, forming lucrative partnerships with lesser Houses while he channeled donations under various labels into Imperial accounts He would buy out lesser House investments with the guarantee of a percentage (less depreciation and overhead) while lubricating his consolidations with ad visory fees to the CHOAM directors them selves to secure their acceptance House HARKONNEN VLADIMIR 297 HARKONNFN VLADIMIR Cornno naturally received royalties under the table along with military conscripts raw materials and finished products on negotiated terms a euphemism for kickbacks Indeed much of Vladimir s success can be attributed to an unerring instinct for the timing and placement of bribes When his financial prac tices were questioned by a Landsraad Dele gation of Inquiry he said What benefits Harkonewt benefits the Landsraad What benefits the Landsraad .

It's the kind of technology that Tice has to get a jump on right now so he can become the world's first trillionaire a couple of decades down the road.

At Dirzan's order, he moved his gear from the senior appren tice dormitory to the Drummers' quarters, four rooms ad jacent to the height, separate from the rest of the Hall.