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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1530s, typical name for an English woman of the lower class, hence "girl, lass, sweetheart," sometimes also "strumpet," from the pet form of Isabel. Often paired with Tom, as Jill was with Jack. Colloquial St. Tibb's Eve (1785) was the evening of the last day, the Day of Judgement, hence "never."


Etymology 1 n. (''medical informal'') Short form of ''tibia''. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context obsolete English) a working-class woman; a prostitute 2 (context obsolete English) a young girl, a sweetheart


TIB may refer to:

In computing:

  • Tebibit (Tib), a unit of information used to quantify computer memory or storage capacity
  • Tebibyte (TiB), a unit of information used to quantify computer memory or storage capacity
  • TIB (file format), a file format used by Acronis True Image software
  • Win32 Thread Information Block, in Microsoft Windows programming

Companies and organizations:

  • Danish Timber Industry and Construction Workers' Union (native name Forbundet Træ-Industri-Byg i Danmark)
  • Technische Informationsbibliothek, the German National Library of Science and Technology
  • TIB Financial Corporation, a bank holding company purchased by North American Financial Holdings

Other uses:

  • Tib, Iran, a village in Markazi Province, Iran
  • Therapy Interfering Behavior, in cognitive therapy
  • Transscandinavian Igneous Belt

Usage examples of "tib".

Thing you have to remember, Tib, even when that one was Mimped to the gills, it never talked about its jobs, yeah there was a leech or two who Mimped with that one, trying to pry its mofo out of it but no go.

Chrissy discoursed of Glendearg, and the widow Elspeth Glendinning, her two lads, and Martin and Tib Tacket, and the gentle lady and Mary Avenel.

He had been taken into slavery in Uganda by the notorious Shundi, the Kavirondo tribesman who ranked second only to the Arab, Tippu Tib, as a dealer in human flesh.

Alethea philosophically to Sue Phipps, her staff nurse, and ten minutes later wished the remark unsaid when the telephone rang to say that there was a compound fracture of tib and fib coming up and that the Orthopaedic Registrar would see it right away.

Then she bent to relieve the Ishi Tib of her hidden blaster, and straightened to address the rest of the Brigaders.

Came back to Sundari a couple months after you went for Kildun Aalda, Tib.

The broad streets here were fairly empty at this time in the morning, a couple of Ishi Tibs strolling, an old droid painting the lampposts.

They lived outside the city of memory, in pleasant comfort: Trotter, who was her favorite, and the old sow Truffling, and the piglets Hib, Nib, Jib, Bib, Gib, Rib, and Tib, some of whom she could tell apart, but she could not now recall which ones had been slaughtered and salted and which ones kept over the winter.