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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

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is a Japanese female pop singer famous for her songs "Ryuusei" (part of the Naruto ending themes repertoire) and "Every Time". Her August 2005 single "Promise", is used as Yakitate!! Japan 's second opening song.

In 2004 she released her first music album, entitled Humming.

Tia (goddess)

Tia is the goddess of peaceful death in the Haida mythology. It is considered a duality. Its counterpart is Ta'xet, the Haida God of violent death.

Tia (princess)

Tia or Tiya was an Ancient Egyptian princess during the 19th dynasty.

Tia (Maori explorer)

Tia was an early Maori explorer and chief. He is responsible for the names of various features and settlements around the central North Island. Horohoro is named after an incident when he touched the dead body of an important chief and was cleansed by a priest in a ceremony known as Te Horohoroinga-nui-a-Tia (the great cleansing of Tia). Ātiamuri means Tia who follows behind due to the murkiness of the Waikato River leading him to believe someone was ahead of him. A set of river rapids along the river, near present-day Wairākei became known as Aratiatia (the stairway of Tia). Along the shores of Lake Taupo he noticed some peculiar coloured cliffs that resembled his rain coat and named them "the great cloak of Tia" or Taupō-nui-a-Tia in Maori.This name was later shortened and given to the lake and township.

Tia (singer)

Tia is a Japanese female pop singer-songwriter from Saitama who is signed to Dive II Entertainment. Discovered and produced by Ryo of Supercell, Tia made her debut signed to Aniplex in 2012 with her single "Love Me Gimme". She moved to the record label Dive II Entertainment in 2014.

Usage examples of "tia".

Tia had already outdistanced three tolerable husbands, the last a disappointed film producer whose naked body had been discovered by a passing neighbor dangling from a yellow boat cord beneath the rear deck.

After a few days of residence in the part of the Alhambra occupied by Dame Tia Antonia and her family, of which the handmaid Dolores was the most fascinating member, Irving succeeded in establishing himself in a remote and vacant part of the vast pile, in a suite of delicate and elegant chambers with secluded gardens and fountains, that had once been occupied by the beautiful Elizabeth of Farnese, daughter of the Duke of Parma, and more than four centuries ago by a Moorish beauty named Lindaraxa, who flourished in the court of Muhamed the Left-Handed.

But Tias, finding the casque held in place by cords, was already cutting it free with the knife Pelides had given her.

Zodacare od Zodameranu, asapeta sibesi butamona das surezodasa Tia balatanu.

And for the first time in weeks, Tia was bundled into her pressure-suit, put inside as if Pota was dressing a giant doll.

Aunt Celly would have been lying down indulging in her daily bout of hypochondria, and Aunt Tia would have been reading aloud to her or talking baby talk to the pittins.

Alex said plaintively, when Tia got finished with tracing the maze of orders and counter-orders that had interrupted their routine round of deliveries to tiny two to four-person Exploratory digs.

But I was talking to Doughty out on tiae jetty at Bodega Bay, and he said I should come see you.

While Tia would not have put it past someone with problems to sell out to smugglers, she didn't think that they'd care to cover up a contagious disease this hideous.

Braddon picked up the box, carelessly, and Tia winced as the first lump inside visibly disintegrated more.

Tia was just grateful that the cameras were not equipped to transmit odor.

Tia was determined not to leave port this time without that ethological tagging kit.

So while the media gathered, the quiet Institute lawyers and spokesmen tried to downplay the entire incident, Alex got his arms-locker, and Tia her ethological kit as the price for their non-participation.

Tia was determined not to leave port this time without that ethological tagging kit Alex was tired of dealing with each crisis barehanded.

The opposite end of the tunnel glowed with warm, white light as Tia opened the airlock and turned on the light inside it.