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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After some ti me the job is completed and the two mortar bombs have been neutralised.
▪ Bouvet refers to the characters ti and shang-ti as being the most commonly used in referring to the Sovereign Lord.
▪ But Katherine also realized that the longer ti took, the more chance there was of them leaving the country.
▪ He looked as if he meant ti.
▪ It was forced to back down both ti! mes.
▪ That was true, but it was also a ti me of shock, suspended animation.
▪ There's plenty ti do now Jonna's gone and besides, it's not a man's place.
▪ To me, ti just looks like the fools are running scared.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

seventh note of the musical scale, 1842, earlier te (1839), replacing si to avoid confusion with so, sol (see gamut).


Etymology 1 n. (context music English) A syllable used in solfège to represent the seventh note of a major scale. Etymology 2

alt. The (vern: good luck plant), (taxlink Cordyline fruticosa species noshow=1), an evergreen shrub. n. The (vern: good luck plant), (taxlink Cordyline fruticosa species noshow=1), an evergreen shrub.


Ti, ti or TI or T.I. may refer to:

Ti (concept)

Ti is the Chinese word for substance or body. In Neo-Confucianism, this concept is often associated with yong, which means "use" or "function."

Category:Chinese philosophy Category:Philosophical concepts

TI (cuneiform)

CuneiformTI or TÌL (Borger 2003 nr. ; U+122FE ????) has the main meaning of "life" when used ideographically. The written sign developed from the drawing of an arrow, since the words meaning "arrow" and "life" were pronounced similarly in the Sumerian language.

With the determinative UZU ???? "flesh, meat", TI, it means "rib". This homophony is exploited in the myth of Ninti (???????????? NIN.TI "lady of life" or "lady of the rib"), created by Ninhursag to cure the ailing Enki. Since Eve is called "mother of life" in Genesis, together with her being taken from Adam's tsela` "side, rib", the story of Adam and Eve has sometimes been considered to derive from that of Ninti.

In Akkadian orthography, the sign has the syllabic values di or ṭi, in Hittite ti, di or te.

Usage examples of "ti".

As soon as Tien had bolted up the ladder Morris had sent Bony Robbins aft to see to the security of the upper level.

Mais quelquefois le souvenir du jugement injuste et aveugle des hommes couvre mon front de nuages, ainsi que le tien.

Hij had zijn hand maar uit te strekken en hij zou er tien aan elken vinger hebben.

Als jonge knaap al, toen de generale overste nog maar gewoon Vince Giuliani was, was hij onder de indruk geraakt van Emilio Sandoz die hem een jaar voor was bij de tien jaar durende vorming tot priester.

Dat menen we ook, op dat moment, maar tien of twintig jaar later lig je in een scheiding.

Calvin had wanted stainless steel instruments, but the Tita nides could not make them.

Heaven itself, and the twenty-eight principal stars of the zodiac, and the gods for subjugating evil spirits, and the god king of Flying Heaven, and the god of the great long life of Buddha, and the gods of Tien Kan and To Tze, and the great sages of the Trigrams, and the gate gods, and the kitchen gods, and the godly generals in charge of the month and the week and the day and the hour!

Nog steeds zocht hij er nieuwe voor in de plaats, tot hij erin slaagde tien stenen achter elkaar in het water te gooien, een behoorlijk eind van het strand af.

Tien, we have detected twelve submerged contacts in the Bohai Haixia Strait.

Leaving the city raised our chances seventy per cent, if the callers worked and Tien committed less than two thousand people to Paran.