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n. (plural of thug English)

Usage examples of "thugs".

Compounding that torture were the mindless gaolers, huge and ugly thugs, half-ogres mostly, walking slowly and methodically through the complex with glowing pokers in their hands.

If other thugs, the pair that still remained, wanted a share of this battle, he would give it.

The thugs at the front alcove were dragging a new prisoner, who fought valiantly to escape, despite their threats.

He delivered a sinister chuckle - a low, deep-throated token of contempt for the two thugs who found one girl as much as they could manage.

They finally discovered that the little door was unlocked and shoved it open, just as the two thugs came into sight looking for Marion and The Shadow.

He had come in from the hallway, unnoticed by the two thugs, who were quite as busy as Goofer.

Frantic from the fire that flayed them from three directions, those thugs who were still able took to flight.

That evening the most alarming bunch of thugs that I had ever seen in my life paused at the message board, studied the coin and the symbols, and began trickling by twos and threes into the inn.

The leader of the thugs turned quite gray with terror, and I thought that he was going to faint.

At last Li Kao extracted his hand from the sleeve and gestured dismissal, and to my astonishment the thugs and their leader backed out of the room on their knees, humbly banging their heads against the floor.

Meaning that somebody hired a pack of thugs to lock a door and steal a key and murder a dancing girl.

The husband found out where we were keeping her, and he had his thugs attack the house.

Hedrick and his thugs as a problem to be solved at another time and place.

The man would send hired thugs to murder her family to make her fly the saucer, but not to salve his injured ego.

Maisha Darou and his thugs will take place on the high seas, away from the eyes of easily swayed common folk.