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n. (plural of thrust English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: thrust)

Usage examples of "thrusts".

She took his thrusts, cradled him when a harsh groan tore from his throat and the powerful shudders of completion shook him, and afterward held him as he rested on her body.

She cherished all of his expressions, but her most cherished image was the way he looked when they made love, his black hair damp with sweat, his eyes fierce and bright, all reserve burned away as his thrusts increased in both depth and speed.

Susan wound her legs around him and absorbed the power of his thrusts with her eagerly welcoming body, so dizzy with pleasure at being in his arms again, kissing him, giving herself to him in the most intiĀ­mate act between man and woman, that he couldn't leave her behind in his relentless quest for pleasure.

His slow, steady thrusts were driving her mad, carrying her just to the brink of satisfaction but not putting her over.

The only thing that kept him from being completely disgusted with himself was the memory of her response, the way she had clung to him, twisted against him, the little whimpers in her throat as she met his thrusts, the way she had cried out and the sweet inner clenching that had signaled her peak of satisfaction.

Her mouth molded to his and her body rose to meet his thrusts in increasingly ecstatic undulations.

There was only his mouth on hers, his hands on her body, the slow thrusts that went deep inside her and touched off a wildfire of sensation, until they strained together in frenzied pleasure and the sheets were no longer cool, but warm from their damp, heated flesh.

The power of his thrusts made her consciousness dim, but she clung to him, whimpering, begging him not to stop.

She felt the heavy pounding of his thrusts as he drove himself into her, then the convulsive heaving of his body in her arms.

She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, her flesh quivering under his pounding force.

He controlled her, his slow, deep thrusts taking her only so high and refusing to let her go any higher.

She saw Rubio biting Sophie's neck, saw the lunging thrusts of his hindquarters, and stopped as if she had hit a wall.

He groaned, too, with the inward thrusts that were driving them into their frenzy.

Sweat beaded his taut face as he tried to control his thrusts, but the storm was in the room, in their bodies.

Eagerly she met the impact of his thrusts, her body on fire, all thoughts suspended before such all-consuming need.